Win Prizes

Sign up to The cricket club  and you will be entered in to a draw to win prizes from Hell4leather cricket and Bat and Ball sports. The draw takes place periodically and players will be notified of the results.

Game cancelled?

Are you fed up with getting the call, text or email saying that your side can’t get enough players and you’re going to have to cancel this week’s game? The cricket club provides a simplistic tool to make yourself available across all clubs in the UK. You’ll never miss out on a game, and if your club signs up they’ll never be short of players and face costly game cancellations.

Unlimited usage

The cricket club makes you available to all clubs in the UK who are  looking for players. There is no need to pay annual subs, just the usual match fee that is agreed between you and the club on contact. Useage is unlimited, there are no restrictions, use it once in the year or every week for weekend, midweek, indoor 6 aside and net practice right throughout the year.

Meet new team mates, play on the finest grounds

The cricket club  allows you to enhance your game, meet a whole new load of team mates and play at some of the best grounds in the UK.

Your Responsibilities

You will have the usual responsibilities to the team, you have agreed to play for as in if you cannot make the game, to inform your contact. Failure to attend will be recorded on our system, and after two warnings you will be witheld from the site.

Whilst we don’t expect you to live near the club you will be playing for, please have an understanding geographically of where you will be playing, and travel times to the grounds.