Win Prizes

Sign up now and you will be entered in to a draw to win prizes from Hell4leather cricket, Kingfisher Beers,and Bat and Ball sports. This will be held periodically and clubs will be emailed with the results.

Game cancellations?

Are you fed up with cancelling cricket matches because you can’t find enough players? Your club looses up to £110 for every match cancellation in revenue and that doesn’t include the team you were going to play, so the net effect for cricket teams is a loss of £220. Extracover provides a simplistic tool avoid game cancellations and increase club revenue.

Unlimited access to hundreds of players

The cricket club provides access to  players that are looking for a game or net session all year round. It maybe that they have had a game cancelled on them, have not been selected due to form or it may just be they are not linked to any particular club, but are looking for a match, and are happy to pay a match fee.

Find players fast and easily

You will be given some basic details about available players i.e. right hand bat, left arm bowler, wicketkeeper etc. You will have their name, email and contact number. Then it’s just up to you and them to make contact and agree a fixture.  This will enable you to organise fixtures and net practice sessions all year round.